Thursday, 24 February 2011

LG Cyon Lollipop

This music video is a 32 second advert of LG Cyon Lollipop phone. The song is called Lollipop by Big Bnag and 2NE1, two Korean group band.

Like the other LG phone advert in Korea it have repetition in the lyrics and the music shows young singers.

This video is colourful and very lively. The background reminds me a club or party. The clothes and hairstyle, in my opinion convey different style or steriotype in teenagers.

But to make my final conclusion the LG phone target market audience are girls around the aged of 15-20 as the model of the names like Chocolate, Cookie and Lollipop is something girls like to eat. The brand LG phone is selling the lifestyle of being young, innocent, fun, energetic and friendship.

[MV]SNSD - Cooky

This music is another advertisement of LG phone in Korea. The phone is called LG Cyon Cookie. The music video is called Cooky by the Girls Generation.

In the music video the girls members are baking while singing and dancing. The music is a re-version of "Hey Mickey". In my opinion, the target market audience that they are aiming for is 15-17 years old. I come to this conclusion from the bold colours that they used for the clothes and background which makes the music video eye catching. The members of the Girls Generation have an innocent look and wears clothes that teenagers would wear. The mood of the video is cheerful and very lively representing being young.

This video used exaggeration as the LG Cyon Cookie phone came out of the oven than the cookie that they were baking. They used repetition in the lyrics of the song making it easier to remember the phone model.

fx Chocolate Love MV

This music video is the f(x) version of Chocolate Love an advert for LG Chocolate.

The music video is a juxtaposition of the Girls Generation Chocolate Love version. Rather than a mellow and innocent feeling this music video is fun and up-beat. The f(x) wears clothes that teenagers would wear to a party which brings me to their target market audience, the aged of 16-18.

The glitters, hair accessories and their clothes are my evidence that support the target market audience's age.

The background of the music video reminds me of a club or a party because of how the lights flash with different colours aand the balloons.

LG Chocolate SNSD Version

The video above is the version of Girls Generation also known as SNSD in Korea. This video is an advert for LG Chocolate.

This music video is called Chocolate Love and advert that the LG made in Korea. But rather than making one music video they made two by two famous girls band in Korea. One of the girls band is called Girls Generation also known as SNSD and the second girls band is f(x).

The lyrics of the video sounds the same and the way they advert the LG Chocolate used repetition making it easier to remember the model of the phone.

In my opinion the target market audience of this video are young adult around the aged of 18-20. The way they are dress in the music video is mature but still looks young. Their make up and dress are neutral and gives off the innocent feelings.

The tempo of the song is also slower than the second version and reminds me of a love song, Something simple but elegant to the ear.

Hi everyone!! :)

For my current brief I have to research brands and one of my chosen brand is the LG for phones. We have to look for their target market audience and what their advert is conveying, oh and we also have to look into their style of packaging.

I wanted to post just one whole post but unfortunately I have to have the videos in my files which means I have to download the video. You might need to scroll down starting the LG Chocolate by Girls Generation (SNSD) because that how it supposed to start. I do hope it make sense.

P.S. If anyone knew how to which entry goes first and last (if its possible), please dont hesitate to comment a guide how to do. :)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sharing Time... Dreams and Obsession... :D

Hello... :)

The other day someone asked me 'What do you want to do after you finish the Fashion course?'... I didn't hesitate and said 'I want to be a wedding gown tailor!' (-_-)? that how you spell tailor..? anyway... :D I thought I share to you guys what I meant by that... :)

Yes this is the beginning of a boring story...bwahahaha... :P

You see when I was little I used to stay over at my great-grandmother's house of my father side and next to their house is a neighbour who do sewing...

Well she only sew what people requested... You know, like a not-expensive couturier... :)

I usually stay there and watch her make dress or suit and even just an ordinary day dress for all ages... She really look happy making them and she even smile more when she was able to make her costumers happy... I know its sound so corny and so clique but that what I saw when I was a kid...

Also my grandmother's sister on my mother side also knows how to sew dress and other stuff... I always left happy receiving new dresses from her...

But my father's mother is the one who actually inspired me to be a tailor... She sew dress and even furniture covers with ease... But what amaze me is, sewing is not her forte... My other inspirations are manga books... One of my favourite is a manga book called V.B. Rose (Velvet Blue Rose)...

The manga book kind of resemble of what I want to do and achieve in the future... It also have loads of dress designs and because of that I'm currently obsess with V.B. Rose... I even let it to my friend in the same course and I think she like it as well... :)

I won't continue with my gibberish... :D I let your eyes see what I meant... The two picture below are one of the clothes design on the manga... I wanted to post more picture but it's really hard to find some... :(
But... You can always read it on a website called Just put V.B. Rose on the search button and it will let you read the chapters of the manga... :)
I should tell you more about the manga book, right..? Well all I can say is V.B. Rose is a manga base on making wedding gowns by couturier and the main character is called Ageha who is a high schooler who can make bags... :D That's all... :P hehe...

Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Skirt That we Started a Few Weeks After Pattern Cutting Brief Start... It's Finally Finish..!

Before I start talking about my new work on Pattern Cutting I just like to tell you my stupidity... lol... :D I realize that rather than publishing my posts I was actually just saving them to drafts... I mean seriously.?! How can I make mistakes like that..? (;-_-)? I never actually figure out how I done it but anywho... Let's start... :D
No guys... that's not me wearing the skirt I made but my sister... bwahahahah... >:D lol...
This skirt is meant to be on the Yoke file... I think... :/ oh well... Anyway... We started this pattern like the beginning of the Pattern Cutting Brief or maybe it was a few days or week after... :D lol... And guess what..? We just finish it last week... Noooo... It's not hard to make... lol... We just finish more important stuff for the brief before finishing the skirt... But anyway... I'm gonna talk about the Yoke now... :D
Oh yea... The yoke is this horizontal line you usually find on the back of a coat around the shoulder... Sometimes it goes on the back to the front... You can also find it in skirts... :) My yoke is that blue fabric which I may say it kind of like plastic fabric or the one you usually put as a table cloth... :D hehe... Anyway, my yoke is pretty big since usually its only like 10-12cm long but since I want a bit unique one I made a big yoke... :D The camoflage fabric is the rest of the skirt... hehe... :)
The picture below is the front of the skirt...

Yes..! You guess it, this one is the back... :D

This skirt also have a facing... The same size as my yoke... :D As you can see... Well I hope you do since the thread is blue but anyway... The hem of the facing is secured by a top stitch so it doesn't flap around... :D

The image below was meant to show you the top stitch on the right side of the fabric or skirt but the thread is white so iys really hard to spot but I tell you where it is... So listen carefully... :) :P

If you look closely where the camoflage fabric ends... Maybe half a or 1cm from the edge you would see like a random dots... That's the thread... :D If you can't see it... I guess I epically failed on explaining... lol... (>.<)

The picture below is my hem... My first hem... YAY!!! I bet your thinking 'What a weirdo' well I am... Bwahahaha... :D Kidding... :D I'm just high on sugar... :P Anyway... I only done a 1.5cm hem but you can always do like 2-5cm hem... I think... (;-_-)? But anyway... Lets go back to mine... :P The white and blue thread is my top stitch for the hem of the right and wrong side of the fabric...
Its 1cm away from the hem... :)
I was thingking of putting my Production Plan on this skirt here but there's like 20+ step on it and I really don't want to bored you guys and beside my lil bro wants the computer... :/ Anyway... I'll post soon... I hope... :P :) Byyyyyye!!! xx